Newsletters Nº05 April 2013
  Word from the Owner

Greetings everybody. Before giving the usual update on the birds and our season, I want to share a story. When we first started outfitting in 2005, I remember we hired a new bird boy Juan Mansilla who was still in high school. Juan was a young kid we hired him because his brother Hugo was an excellent bird boy - genetic hiring is a common practice as 11 of our bird boys are Mansillas! Juan’s first client was Kay Holmes from Houston, TX. They immediately had a nice connection and Juan showed a strong interest in learning English. Kay sent down some English books and Juan really was a quick learner. He started practicing more and more English over the years.
Fast forward to 2012. One of our excellent clients Bobby Nichols from Corpus Christi was starting a gun shop within his pharmacy ( Bobby had hired one of our interns and decided it would be a good idea for Juan to also come work with him especially because of his strong English. In early April, Juan set out for an amazing, new opportunity in Texas. We will miss him along with his friends and family. But hopefully this will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Juan. We wish him the best of luck!
On the Cordoba front, we just shut down our Los Chanares and Sierra Brava seasons. Los Chanares will close for 2 months while Sierra Brava will be back up and running in early May. The close of our season was a little more difficult this year in terms of the shooting as we had very dry months in December and January that really affected the crops. Sierra Brava thankfully had neighbors with excellent harvests in mid March that saved the season. Los Chanares threw nearly three times more corn than usual to keep the birds. Posta had some good feed lots nearby and its geographic location allowed for finding the birds a little easier. So even though it was a tough end of the season, we were able to keep everybody very happy!

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  New Development  
  This is a new section to the newsletter. Hopefully we can share some new developments that we found the clients really enjoyed. The first one we would like to highlight are the videos being done by Pablo Gil for clients at the lodge. For a small extra cost, clients can bring back a memory that will last a lifetime. We can sometimes organize on the spot, but it is advisable to let us know in advance if you want a video taken of your group at the lodge. You can see all our client videos here including the latest ones with Pablo’s new camera.  
  Lodge News  
Sierra Brava:
#1 on Trip Advisor! If anybody reads our Trip Advisor comments, they can see we are really firing on all cylinders at Sierra Brava. The client satisfaction is off the charts at Sierra Brava and once again it’s the amazing staff that really sticks out. Everybody at the lodge went out of their way to make sure clients were very happy. We had a special moment in February when Mr Howard Bloom shot 93 birds on his 93rd birthday!!! Congratulations!!! We also had a little more international flavor to our groups this year hosting clients from the UK, Ecuador, Colombia, Canada, Mexico, Sweden and Texas (I know it is not a country, but it sure seems like it). We also did an amazing job finding birds during the difficult end of the season. Besides excellent scouting, we were able to leverage JJ’s relationships with prominent families in Cordoba to shoot some of the best fields available. We are excited about our momentum at Sierra Brava and can’t wait to start a new season in May.
Los Chanares:
There was huge news at Los Chanares in March. We were able to extend our lease from 2015 to 2025. As part of this extension, we committed to a 3-year plan to massively improve the operation. This year we plan on implementing an irrigation system to further improve our game management program. Over the last few years, the rainfalls have been diminishing. So the quality of the sunflowers has been less and we have not been able to plant the sunflowers exactly when we need them. With our new Toro system, we hope to plant the sunflowers and wheat properly and exactly on the dates we need them. The other major change this year will be improvements to the pool and a brand new Jacuzzi. Over the next break in April-May 2014, we will embark on improving the lodge by opening the gallery and fixing all the bathrooms. Alex and Jessica will be leading many other capital improvements that have been approved that will help us continue being the lodge to shoot in Cordoba.
Posta del Norte:
We had quite a busy season at Posta. We doubled the amount of clients from last year thanks to an extremely high rebooking rate. Many of our clients got to enjoy Posta on an exclusive basis with only 4 people. Leo was able to manage the team and continue making Posta a little gem in the north of Cordoba. All of our clients were extremely happy with the new Jacuzzi at Posta, which was very refreshing during the dry months of December and January. We also leased many new fields that keep the shooting at Posta top notch. Due to our success, we approved a plan to completely renovate the bathrooms at the lodge and will be buying a greater variety of shotguns. We are also attending several shoots in Brazil as we hope to tap a new market due to a new flight between Sao Paolo and Cordoba.
Paloma Brava:
We started the season again with Dr. Kendrick arriving in early March. We finished major improvements to the rooms and especially the bathrooms. Its incredible how much the place has changed in just a year! We were able to host over 30 clients in our first month and everybody reached their limits. The start of the season was a little slower than last year as the feedlots were not replenished as quickly. But the movements we are seeing in the pigeon fields make it seem as if it will be a phenomenal season. Remember this is our second season shooting Paloma Brava so the pressure on the pigeons is still relatively low. Would be a good idea for clients to take advantage and book a trip this year!
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