Newsletter Nº 9 August 2014
Word from the Owner
Hi Friends,
We would like to wish our US clients a Happy Labor Day and we hope everybody has a chance to enjoy Opening Day shooting doves with friends and family.

Over the last week, I decided to read over all of our previous newsletters. We started writing the newsletters in 2007 and thankfully all of them have a common theme. From the client side, the birds are awesome, the fun at the lodge is non-stop and the memories created are unbeatable! From our side, we have continually worked on improving the lodge and shooting experience and have assembled the best staff in Cordoba. With this in mind, we asked our creative video man Pablo to put together a series of fun short videos. Above we present our first one, which we hope you enjoy.

We would also like to mention 2 more things. First, please see on the right the schedule for a road trip Alex (Los Chanares) and Leo (Posta del Norte) will be taking from September 3-12. If you live in any of these cities, please let us know so they can meet up with you. Also please see below our lodge news. We have some great new improvements at Los Chanares and Sierra Brava.
Alex and Leo Roadtrip
Alex Mitri and Leo Foresti will be visiting the US from September 3-12. If you are in any of the below cities, please let us know so they can meet up with you!
Sept 3-5:
Sept 5-8:
Southern Lousiana and New Orleans
Sept 8-10:
Dallas-Fort Worth
Sept 10-12:
Corpus Christi
  Lodge News  
Los Chanares
We are constantly thinking of ways to make your experience better at Los Chanares. Some of this season’s improvements are behind the scenes and even though most of you will not notice them; these will surely make your stay more comfortable and smooth. The ones that will stand out are: a new structure gazebo by the pool, for our famous “picadas”. A new Jacuzzi, by the pool, for our tired, hard core shooters to close the day in hot water! We renovated the whole kitchen, now we can re-enforce our Argentinean cuisine program with style. The lunch and well known Argentinean style barbecue area has been totally refurbished with outdoor flooring and a new stone fire pit for our world known “cabrito”. Many of our clients always asked us why the entrance to the property was nothing but a fence; so we finally made our minds and have a proper entrance!

But it’s not all for the looks and comfort of the lodge; we also enhanced the shooting. After 1 year of work, we finished our underground irrigation system installation by TORO. We completed 100 acres of land in the main property with underground drip irrigation. Following 5 consecutive years of drought; this is a huge support for our one and only game management program. It will ensure water for the sunflower and winter wheat 100% no matter what. Birds will never go hungry or thirsty again at Los Chanares! Click here for some pictures of these improvements.
Sierra Brava:
We had an excellent start to the year full of new and old groups. Everything was perfect including great energy at the lodge, many friendships made, fantastic service and world class hunting. With regards to the hunting, we benefited immensely by our first good year of rain in the last five years.

We did close Sierra Brava for one month in April to improve our lodge in many ways. We renewed the living room and have a nice new entrance to the lodge. We also built an awesome fire pit, a massage room, and a new lounge area next to the Gun Room. The whole lodge was painted again. We purchased a new Mercedes Benz Sprinter van and 10 new shot guns, which now total 80. Our famous field lunch now has a new surprise for all of you (need to come see it!). Our chefs added 2 new meat dishes to their repertoire, and we now offer our clients the ability to get film their trip so you can take home a nice souvenir. Click here for some pictures of these improvements.

With all these improvements, we started May renewed and refreshed to welcome our friend clients. As usual, JJ, Topo and staff are waiting for you to live the Sierra Brava experience. Your home!
Posta del Norte:
Following our complete renovation of the kitchen during last April, we recently added Federico and Emilio to our kitchen staff as our new Chefs to keep up with the great quality of Argentine cuisine that you all have enjoyed so far when visiting Posta.

We continue to renovate and grow; right now we are developing a new Gun Room, new administrative offices and new quarters for the house staff and our host, Gustavo.

The combination of the above will translate into an improved service which will impact on a better and enhanced hunting experience for our clients.

On the personal and family side, we are happy to announce that Leo and his wife Gaby are expecting a new baby, their 3rd. Due date is sometime in December 2014!
Sierra Brava is a first class lodge. Each staff member makes you feel right at home and will do whatever they need to make you comfortable from the moment you walk into the door.
LLos Chanares is among the finest places I have visited. If you have a desire to hunt doves in the finest of traditions, do not miss Los Chanares. It is truly over the top.
This trip and lodge is a must do and should be on every outdoorsman’s bucket list. Thank you for an amazing experience. It was unmatched and nothing short of incredible.
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