Newsletter Nº02, December 2011
  Word from the Owner
  The Holiday Season has come right on time for us this year! After enjoying our best year ever at all the lodges, Santa decided to be nice and give us one more present – a brand new pigeon lodge! This new lodge Paloma Brava is located one hour north of Los Chanares and Sierra Brava and will quickly become the best pigeon lodge in Argentina due to several factors. First, the shooting will all be on property and these pigeon fields have never been shot. Clients will enjoy some of the finest decoy pigeon shooting with a generous limit of 200 pigeons per day. Second, the estancia and lodge are truly breathtaking. The lodge and surrounding area is as luxurious as it gets in Cordoba. Third, the lodge will be run by Sierra Brava. Most of you who have been to Sierra Brava know about their legendary service and hospitality.
What does this mean for you? You can add a day or two to your annual dove hunts and try out our new pigeon shoot. As a repeat client we are offering an introductory 20% discount on the trip fee. So I guess you can say Santa was nice to all of us! Happy Holidays to everybody and may 2012 bring lots of health and happiness to all.
  Frequently Asked Question

In honor of our new pigeon lodge Paloma Brava, a question most of you ask is what can I shoot beside doves? Prior to our new lease Paloma Brava, we generally answered "not much". Now we can offer high quality pigeon shooting to our clients. Some useful information on the pigeon hunts:

Located one hour north of Los Chanares and Sierra Brava, 1.5 hours from Posta del Norte and 2.5 hours from the Cordoba airport.
The season runs from March to October inclusive. We are shutting down in November to February because it is too hot during the summertime.
We have a self-imposed limit of 200 pigeon per day. As much as we would like to let our clients shoot more, its important to maintain the resource.
The shooting is over decoys and its sort of like duck hunting without the water and early wake-up calls.
A typical itinerary would be morning arrival in Cordoba, half day dove shooting, 2 full days dove, half day morning dove shoot, transfer to Paloma Brava, half afternoon pigeon shoot, full day pigeon, morning pigeon shoot and afternoon departure from Cordoba.

2012 Show Season
We will be represented at all the major shows this upcoming season.
  Dallas Berretta Gallery  
  January 4, 2012 at 6-8pm  
  Just as last year we are having a cocktail party the night before the Dallas Show at the Beretta Gallery in Highland Park Village. The Beretta Trident program is hosting this cocktail reception to introduce a new lodge to the family. Please RSVP if you plan on attending.  
  Dallas Safari Club Convention  
  January 5-8, 2012  
  We will be at the Dallas Safari Club Convention. We will not have our own booth, but you can email or text us at 1.786.210.5156. It would be great to meet up with all of you.  
  Las Vegas SCI Show  
  February 1-4, 2012  
  Vegas Baby! The SCI Annual Hunter's Convention returns to Las Vegas and for the first time ever we will have our own booth. There will be a nice surprise for those who visit us at Booth #2949. Come along for the fun.  
  Lodge News  
There was lots of great news these past few months. We bought 15 new guns and a new F-100 for the upcoming sunflower season. We had some of our best rains ever as it rained early and abundantly. We did have a hailstorm ruin some of our first sunflower crop and recently had very dry weather, but we are looking forward to our busiest sunflower season ever. In October, we had a client Richard Duffy III from Houston break the Los Chanares record of over 7,100 birds in one single day. Finally I wanted to thank the Lange Group from Houston for coming a 6th straight year. There are many other important groups that come every year, but these guys paid big money to be mentioned in the newsletter. We are accepting contributions for the upcoming newsletter. Just kidding of course.
As usual the shooting over the past few months has been off the charts. We recently had Trevor Penny from Australia join the 8,000 bird club. There were many great groups that enjoyed fantastic shooting and some fun times at the lodge. On a personal note, we enjoyed a very touching experience with an old friend/client Dick Fenner who suffered a stroke last year. Dick came to the lodge in September with his loving wife Claudia. All of us at the lodge learned from Dick never to give up or complain about the small and insignificant things of life. It was truly a memorable group for everybody at the lodge.
This December marks the one year anniversary of when we purchased Posta del Norte. Its incredible how things have progressed throughout the year. Here is a rundown of our year. We started off with Jessica and Leo working tirelessly to decorate the lodge and make it a unique private setting for our clients. In March we brought back our old chef from Los Chanares Sebastian and really stepped up the quality of the food. In August we made a thorough evaluation of the operation and decided to double the amount of fields under lease. We continue to look for ways to improve the lodging, food, service and shooting at Posta. We had a client in October pay us the highest of compliments by offering our lodge manager Leo a generous package to run his ranch in Texas. Thankfully Leo said no thanks!
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