Newsletter Nº 7 December 2013
  Word from the Owner

We want to wish all of you a Happy Holidays and the best of health and luck for the upcoming year. We had a great 2013 and very much look forward to another successful season next year. Thanks to all our clients for making our “job” the best one on the planet! Enjoy the video our staff put together for all of you!

The video was produced by our 2 new “video guys” Pablo (same name, different person). They have been producing incredible videos for our clients at the lodges. If you are going on a trip and want a video, please contact us in advance so we can organize it.

We are very excited about the upcoming show season (see right box). In Dallas and Houston, JJ and Topo from Sierra Brava will be in attendance as usual. JJ will actually be in the US for 2 months starting next week. For the first time in a while Alex from Los Chanares will be travelling north to attend the Dallas and Houston show. For the SCI convention in Las Vegas, David and JJ will be in attendance. If you want to set-up private meetings with any of us, please contact us or visit us at our booths. Its always great to see our friends Stateside!

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2013 Show Season
We will be represented at all the major shows this upcoming season.
  Dallas Safari Club Convention  
  Jan. 09 - 12  
  Booths # 3442-3444
  Houston Safari  
  Jan. 17-19  
  Booth # 417-516  
  Reno SCI Show  
  Feb. 05-08  
  Booth # 311-313-410-412  
2013 Show Season

We wrote a few interesting posts over the last 3 months. You can see what we wrote
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update of when we post something. Here are direct links to some of the recent articles we posted:

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Sierra Brava:
The last 3 months have been fantastic. We started off with some important rains that we needed desperately. Right now everything is green and the grounds around the Lodge look incredible! What is amazing is that even though it did rain a little more than usual these past few months, we still had many extreme, high-volume shooting. These are also very important months with regards to the roosting of the birds and we can see a mind-blowing amount of birds in our fields. At the lodge we made the gun room 10x better and we were able to buy 12 new guns, including 4 20 gauge over and unders and one .410 over and under. Finally we were able to open a new road in one of those fields where the brush seemed impenetrable. We now have 20 new shooting stations in this field, which is perfect timing for the clients coming to set records in Jan-March and also for those clients who are not so mad at them.
Los Chañares:
We have tons of incredible things going on at Los Chanares. Since Gabriela and Gabriel started at Los Chanares 3 months ago, we have been going non-stop in new and exciting developments. Lets name a few. First and most importantly, the Toro irrigation system was installed. We really hope this is going to be a game changer with regards to our agriculture and game management program. We are also doubling the hectares we plant since we hired Gabriel who is an excellent agronomist. If we can control the food and water, the shooting is going to move to new heights. Very excited! We upgraded our electricity system and were able to put new AC units in all the bedrooms and common areas. Just in time for summer. We have a new full-time intern Zach Newman who will be working with our host extraordinaire Nahuel. As always, Jessica is working on her new decoration projects such as our Jacuzzi and pool lounge area. Of course, all this is orchestrated by the man Alex Mitri (don’t tell Jessica Alex is the boss though).
Posta del Norte:
Exactly 3 years ago we signed the contract to buy Posta del Norte. It has been an excellent addition to the FlyWays collection. We basically started from scratch with the overflow of clients from Los Chanares and Sierra Brava. We continue to send the overflow to Posta, but what is nice is that more and more are repeat clients. Great job to everyone at Posta! As we speak, the lodge has been closed for 2 weeks since we are completely renovating all the bathrooms. This will be finished at the end of this month. We also added lots of nice leather goods to the pro shop, including some presents for the boys to take home to their wives (always a good idea!). Finally we want to welcome Cesar our new guide. He brings with him tons of industry experience. Looks like 2014 is going to be another great one!
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