Newsletters Nº03 September 2012
  Word from the Owner

Our last newsletter was in December 2011. I have some valid excuses for the long delay. We hosted the most clients ever during our sunflowers season of January-April. We successfully started up our pigeon lodge Paloma Brava with some incredible client reviews. We have been working on some great “top-secret” projects that will be unveiled in the next few months. I personally took a month long trip to Asia with the wife (I know, least valid excuse). In any case the newsletter is long overdue. So lets get to it.

As always the most pertinent question is how are the birds? It’s a valid question given the following accomplishments: Shannon Watson and father shattering the father/son record; Randy Martin and Rick Wright going head-to-head in an incredible record breaking day; and Eric Hellbach from Bisso Marine shooting an unthinkable amount of birds in one day. As much as I want to publish the numbers, we need to be careful these days. So you will need to visit the lodges to hear these incredible stories. The most amazing thing of course is that the bird population keeps increasing. Almost all clients will attest that Cordoba is now better than ever. The best province to shoot birds just keeps improving despite the staggering amount of pressure put on the doves. So that is the most important good news of the day.

  Giving Back!

As many of you know our company has grown tremendously over the years. We now have three fully operational lodges. One of the beautiful things about growing is there have been more opportunities to give back to the community. Each of our lodges acts independently in our efforts to give back. Our main focus has been with the local schools. Thanks to some nice shell bills, we have been able to donate significantly to the local schools. Specifically we helped build a new school and provided many electronic devices that help teach in the classes. These are small, rural schools that all of our bird boys attended as kids. We usually give our donations around Christmas time since the school year in Argentina starts in March. We already have some great ideas to donate for this December including a large joint donation among the 3 dove shooting lodges.

Now for next year we thought it might be a good idea to have the client’s participate in the program. Specifically we were thinking of the following. There must be tons of old electronic devices laying around the house. An old computer gathering dust in your house would be a dream for some families down here. An Ipad 1 that seems like a dinosaur to your kids is a Ferrari-like device to the humble kids in our area. I personally am donating my old Kindle that I never use any longer because I bought a newer device. So if you see something that is gathering dust, bring it on down!

2012 Events
We will be represented at all the major shows this upcoming season.
  Dallas Beretta Gallery  
  Sept 27, 2012 at 6-8pm  
  There will be a cocktail party at the Beretta Gallery in Highland Park Village on Thursday Sept 27. The Beretta Trident program is hosting this cocktail reception to introduce a new lodge to the family. David Perez will be attendance. Please RSVP if you plan on attending.

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  Trident Expo  
  Sept 28-29 10am-8pm  
  We will also be represented at the Trident Expo on Friday September 28 and Saturday September 29. There will be a tent out in front where we will be represented. Apparently the Gallery is going to be having a sale on certain merchandise and you can get great discounts if you purchase a hunt. And there will be a nice bbq each day. So come out and enjoy the fun.

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  Lodge News  
Los Chañares
As mentioned in the word from the owner, we had our most successful sunflower season. This was followed up by a perfect start to our Summer Escape season from June 15-Sept 30. We were quite lucky this year as our first clients arrived June 16 and the birds decided to come back a week before. During this Summer Escape season we hosted a very high number of father/son groups. They all enjoyed some great shooting, excellent food/wine and really picture perfect weather. Remember June-September is clear blue skies with average temps of 60s during the day and 40s overnight. We are gearing up for another awesome sunflower season between January and March. We just bought 15 new guns and now have a nice selection of 6 brand new 28 gauge automatic Legacy guns. On a personal note, Alex and Jessica had their second baby boy Felipe in January 2012.
Sierra Brava
Sierra Brava: Its incredible how Sierra Brava continues to keep the amazing client reviews coming. It helps to be 20 minutes from world class shooting. But everybody who has been to Sierra Brava will tell you it’s the people that make the difference. Thankfully we have been able to maintain our first rate team intact. This means lots of happy clients who either repeat every year or recommend our lodge to their friends. We decided this year to close for one month during April to give the staff a rest after a super successful January-March season. We started up in May and were blessed with birds next to the lodge for the whole month. As many of you know, from April-June the birds can be anywhere because its harvest season. We had 5-minute drives for all of May, which was awesome. On a personal note, JJ had his fifth kid in March 2012. We are starting a cable TV fund for JJ.
Posta del Norte
What Leo and his staff have done in less than 2 years has been astonishing. Of course Leo understands that he “competes” with 2 world class dove shooting lodges in Los Chanares and Sierra Brava. He understood very quickly that you need to strive to be the best in Cordoba, which is considered the NFL of hunting lodges. Over the last 7 months we have done a great job of filling up the lodge with approximately 1 private group per week. This means a very high level of personalized service combined with access to the private lodge with only 4 people. We are also in the process of building a beautiful Jacuzzi, which will be ready by the end of the year. We hope it will be the nicest Jacuzzi in the entire Province. So all in all, lets just say things are going very well (click here for latest comments). On a personal note, Leo had his second child.
Paloma Brava
Pigeons!!! It was not easy, but we got off to a spectacular start at our pigeon lodge. We hosted our first client Dr. Kendrick in March and the 15 groups we hosted all had a great time. The main attraction of course are the pigeons. We had a client who has hunted at over 15 destinations in Argentina and considers Paloma Brava the finest pigeon shoot of them all. Of course we benefitted from this being our first year and nobody had hunted this area ever. This allowed us to mix in drives of 5 minutes to a max of 45 minutes. The service was also incredible since Topo, Eduardo and Zeke made sure everybody had the Sierra Brava service treatment. We do have to make some changes to the lodge that should happen as soon as the season ends in October. So for next April-October we expect another outstanding season!
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