The Experience

The Lodging

When considering dove hunting in Argentina, there’s “good”, and then there is Sierra Brava. Sierra Brava is in a world-class league of its own. Located only 1:20 from the Cordoba airport, the lodge is strategically located only 15 minutes from the heart of Argentina’s most desirable hunting region the Macha roost. The 9-bedroom lodge was built in 1874 as a hitching post and boarding house for South American Pony Express riders. The lodge has undergone some incredible restorations and constant renovations. These days Sierra Brava is one of the most unique dove hunting lodges in Cordoba, offering a beautiful balance between authentic old world charm and modern luxury living. All rooms are very spacious with high ceilings and each has its own private bathroom. A beautiful pool and sauna was built since clients spend more time around the lodge and less on van rides. Finally, there is a great fire pit with incredible views of the Cordoba mountains where clients recount the day’s events.

  • Lodge located only 15 minutes from the largest roost in Cordoba
  • 9 Bedrooms with 2 double beds and a private bathroom in each
  • Beautiful balance between old and modern
  • Spacious rooms with high ceilings
  • Pool ideal for summer afternoons
  • Fire pit with nicest views of Cordoba mountains

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The Shooting

From the beginning Sierra Brava had access to the best fields in Cordoba due to personal relationships with local farmers. These personal relationships gives Sierra Brava access to 160,000 acres of Argentina’s best dove hunting fields. Besides these relationships, the lodge was conveniently located only 15 minutes from the largest roost in Cordoba. This allows for short drives and access to fields where high volume dove records are set. Sierra Brava holds the one-day individual record for most birds shot and the group record for birds shot over 3 days. Volumes are outstanding even for Cordoba standards. In addition, Sierra Brava has some of the most attentive birds boys around. This is ideal to improve your shooting and perfect for pigeon shoots. Of the three FlyWays Cordoba lodges, Sierra Brava is the only one that can organize incredibly fun decoyed pigeon shooting between May and October.

  • Access to 160,000 acres of Argentina’s best dove hunting fields
  • Holds current world-record for most birds shot
  • From July-February, drives are 15 minutes to field
  • From March-June drive times average 45 minutes, but volume is outstanding
  • Most attentive birds boys around
  • Incredibly fun decoyed pigeon shooting

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The Service

Even though clients are blown away by the quantity and quality of the shooting, the thing that distinguishes Sierra Brava apart is its legendary service. Clients feel right at home at Sierra Brava. The atmosphere around the lodge is very relaxed and fun. The bird boys are the fastest loaders around and are always up for a good laugh. The staff strives to make every Sierra Brava dove hunt a trip of a lifetime even though clients usually return year after year. Finally the food and wine at the lodge are first class. Sierra Brava offers mouth-watering steaks, both in the field and in the lodge and serves the finest Argentine wines. It’s what legendary hunting trips are made of.

  • Legendary service
  • Clients feel right at home at Sierra Brava
  • Relaxed and fun atmosphere
  • Bird boys always up for a good laugh
  • Food and wine at the lodge are first class!
  • Mouth-watering steaks

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Why Choose Us

Since its inception, the founders of Sierra Brava JJ and Topo have been extremely hands-on. They are with every group that passes through the lodge. Along with the Sierra Brava staff the goal is to make Sierra Brava your Argentina home. This personal touch is seen as the main reason for the lodge’s legendary shooting, lodging and service. Many experts agree with this distinction. Sierra Brava, along with its sister lodge Los Chanares, was the first international venue to affiliate with Beretta. Sierra Brava was recognized in 2015 as an Orvis Endorsed lodge. The lodge is always one of the top-ranked lodges on Trip Advisor with wonderful comments from our clients. One final thing is many times, our clients from Los Chanares end up staying at Sierra Brava due to lack of space. These clients end up being Sierra Brava clients for life!

  • Owners are with every group
  • Personal touch
  • Strive to make Sierra Brava your Argentina home
  • Orvis Endorsed and affiliated to Beretta
  • Legendary shooting, lodging and service

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When to Come?

Temperature Sunflower Season Jan 1 - April 10 Summer Escape May 10 - Sept 30 Promo Season Oct 1 - Dec 31
Average High Temp (°F) 85 69 83
Average Low Temp (°F) 63 44 59
Rainfall (inches)* 4.3 0.7 3.9
Types of shooting Roost / Field Roost / Field Roost
Driving to field 15 - 45 min 15 - 45 min 15 min
Daily Price $540 / day $540 / day $440 / day
Description World Records Sunny, Crisp Favorite!

Note: We Close April 10 - May 10. Birds leave roost for the harvest so instead of long drives we close the operation.
* Rainfall rarely affects shooting. Most rains occur at night. On average, the shooting is only affected 5-10 days per year because of rain.


Sierra Brava offers record-setting Cordoba dove hunting and legendary hospitality! We have split the season because of the demand of our clients. Please note the birds are plentiful all year round. The seasons were only created because of the travel schedules of our clients.

High Season (Jan. 1 - Sept. 30) $540 per day
Promo Season (Oct. 1 - Dec. 31) $440 per day
High Season Whole Lodge Discount (Jan. 1 - Sept. 30) $4,900 per day
Promo Season Whole Lodge Discount (Oct. 1 - Dec. 31) $4,400 per day
Son/Daughter Promo** (Jan. 1 - Sept. 30)
(Oct. 1 - Dec. 31)
$345 per day
$160 per day
** Father/son promo available for son/daughter under 30. Perfect for high school or graduation present.
Number of Double Rooms 9
Clients to Book Lodge 9
Private Room Surcharge $100 per night
Non-Shooter Rate $100 per night
Species Available Dove, Pigeon


  • All ground transportation to/from Cordoba airport and hunting grounds.
  • Access to world class dove hunting fields, including professional guides.
  • Deluxe double occupancy lodging with private bathrooms.
  • All meals and beverages, including selection of the finest Argentine wines, local beer and hard liquor.
  • All local taxes and service charges.

Not Included

  • Shells ($13,75 per box of 25).
  • Hunting licenses (currently $65 per day).
  • Gun entry permit: $120 per gun or gun rentals ($75 per day).
  • All voluntary gratuities for bird boys and lodge staff.
  • Pigeon shooting: $230/shoot and the limit is 80 pigeons.

Payment Policies

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your requested hunt dates. The deposit is not refundable. Full payment is due 60 days in advance of your scheduled hunt. We recommend trip insurance, which we can provide. Please inquire for updated rates. The acceptable methods of payment after arrival at the lodge for shells, gun rental, hunting license, and pro shop items are cash or personal checks. A 2.5% surcharge will be applied to US checks. These fees are what the local banks charge us, we regret any inconvenience.


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