Argentina Shooting for UK Guns!

We have large clusters of clients in certain geographical areas. The main reason is the network effect created by word of mouth. In other words more and more clients who live near each other usually recommend our places. This is the best marketing possible. Texas and Louisiana top the list of concentration of clients. Can you guess the next on the list? The UK is the answer.


There is definitely a passion for shooting in the UK. It is not a coincidence that we write this post during the UK shooting season. We hope our clients and potential clients talk about their next Argentina adventure as they get together in places like Yorkshire, Devon and Kent. As they shoot from their pegs hopefully those who have been to Cordoba will be rewarded with better shooting this season.


The quality of the shooting is something we sometimes don’t always talk about when discussing Argentina. Most people mention the super high volumes and record breaking days. But Argentina also offers some incredibly challenging and fun shooting. As we host hundreds of UK clients per year, we know most of our UK guns prefer tall and fast birds. It is also important to have different presentation of birds for our clients. Variety is the spice of life! And when it is windy we can offer some of the most challenging shooting conditions imaginable!


Since we have so many UK clients, I will be travelling to London at the end of the month. We are having a private cocktail party on Nov 28 at the Beretta Gallery on St. James’s Street. If you are interested in learning more about Argentina dove shooting, please join us. It should be fun. Just write us below in the comments section and we will forward the invite. Cheers!


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