Bird Update from Cordoba

As mentioned in the last newsletter, this season has been our most challenging in terms of bird volumes. As we close our busy January-March season, I am proud of our team who were more than up for the challenge! It is easy to operate when the birds are plentiful everywhere. This season our team went above and beyond to deliver outstanding trips for all our clients. Lets review.

At Los Chanares, we really stepped up our game management program. We planted over 4x the amount of food as previous years and threw more corn than ever. We built new water holes and followed a strict field rotation schedule. It took a while, but we are now seeing the results of our unique game management program. As an example, we had a group last week shoot over 20,000 in ONE day. We are not claiming victory yet as the game management program is a continual process. It is also worth noting that our clients have booked up almost all of next sunflower season, which is probably related to being the only lodge in Cordoba with 5-minute drives coupled with the beautiful lodge renovation and further improvements in our food and service.

At Posta, we were blessed by the location of our lodge. Strategically located near multiple dove roosts, we found the Cordoba “honey hole”. The area is located to the southeast of the lodge and is truly a gem. More birds than you can imagine. Posta was the first to find the area through excellent scouting and was able to secure prime leases. A really fantastic job. If any clients want to come and break a one-day record, this is the place to try!

Finally, I wanted to thank our clients for being so gracious and understanding during this challenging time. Some days the birds were definitely on the lighter side at Los Chanares and we did have longer drives than usual at Posta. All of our clients were very comprehensive of the situation and appreciated our efforts. It also helped that everybody had a fun time! A big thank you to you all.

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