Visit to Cordoba in early January

Happy New Year from sunny Cordoba! My year was off to a great start spending my first few days in Cordoba visiting our 3 lodges with my wife. Weather could not have been more perfect, especially considering that an alternate plan would have been to brave the polar vortex in the northeast. What was even more perfect was the amount birds we have this year, I have not seen so many in years! We can probably thank our new irrigation system, the 600mm of rain we have had in the last few months and our beautiful sunflowers that will be blooming any minute now. I took a walk with my wife to Los Chanares roost and I had never heard so much cooing in my life, it almost felt like a Alfred Hitchcock movie except it was not scary.

At Chanares we had one of our oldest group of clients, 15 French Canadians led by Serge Dompierre, who arrived right after NYE and stayed for more than 5 days. We enjoy having them every year, with some having visited us 3 times in the last 12 months. They are part of the Chanares family.


At Sierra Brava we met some wonderful new clients that came from all over the U.S. Topo’s hospitality and Sierra Brava’s incredible scenery never cease to amaze me.


And finally, at Posta del Norte we had some of my wife’s HBS classmates who were visiting Cordoba for the first time. Posta’s cozy accommodations, fine cuisine and wine made this group’s first trip an unforgettable experience and we have social media to prove it!



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