Hunting Friends for Life!

At our lodges we have many types of groups father/son groups, corporate groups, couple groups and the most prevalent which is friend groups. These boys trips make up over half of the people who visit our lodges. Most of these boys trips are friends from a young age. For example, the Steve Smith group at Sierra Brava have been shooting together for over 50 years! We also have many groups that are friends since college like Hardy Fowler and his buddies that hunt together every year. Today I want to briefly talk about the new friendships that have been made at our lodge.


The reason I am writing about this is because I just got back from Argentina where I visited all the lodges. There were several groups that had formed incredible friendships at our lodge. For example, Giles Nuttal and Dmitry Erenkov at Posta del Norte had been clients at our lodges since 2007. On one trip in 2010, they met and now shoot together every year. At the Los Chanares lodge we hosted Paul Gadd and John Hatfield. They shot for the first time with Tony Townsend 5 years ago and now are an integral part of the shooting team that comes every year. Finally, Bruce Ansley from New Zealand made great friends with Hans Birkart last year and now we have a mixed Kiwi/German team that is aiming to shoot together in late 2014.


Many people try hard to block off the lodge so they can only shoot with their friends. That is definitely fun especially when the group is large. But sometimes if you are a small group it is fun to come and meet people at the lodge. The easy thing is that most people at the lodge share something in common a passion for being outdoors. If there is anybody else that wants to share a story of meeting a friend on a shooting lodge or anywhere else, please share in the comments section. Hasta luego!


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