Latest Cordoba Bird Update

Dear Friends:

For many years we started every newsletter: “The birds are better than ever!”

For the last 2 years, we have seen a considerable change in the behavior of the birds. The birds are flying in completely new areas, the seasons have shifted and starting this year the world record breaking days are not possible in the roost areas.

Now if you are a new client, you will think you have gone to dove heaven. If you are a repeat client, you might notice a down-tick in the number of birds, but unless you are going after a 10,000+ bird day, you are also in bird heaven.

So why are we writing about this today. It seems our colleagues in Cordoba are suffering a little more difficult situation with longer drives and competitors in other provinces/countries are desperate to try and overtake the King of Dove Hunting – Cordoba. Let me explain the current situation at our 2 lodges to provide comfort to clients coming in the next year.

At Los Chanares, we are now benefitting the fruits of our 18-year investment in our game management program. Over the past few months, many birds have come back to the roost area and we plan on keeping them around in order to maintain the 5-minute drives to the shoot. We will throw over 600 tons of corn this year, plant quadruple the amount of crops, make new water holes and follow a perfect shooting rotation schedule. We also plan on reducing pressure on birds by lowering the number of clients at the lodge. We will accomplish this by offering free private rooms and closing more dates in the year. We have also significantly stepped up the entire product offering through better food, service and the brand new remodel of the lodge. Los Chanares has always been a special place and our plan is to make it even better.

At Posta del Norte, our plan is to take advantage of its privileged location. Right now, Posta is the lodge that is best located to reach the area with the most birds in all of Cordoba. It will be an hour+ drive, but the drives on the dirt roads are less than 10 minutes and the prize at the end of the highway is an AWESOME shooting day, guaranteed! At Posta we will be taking a different strategy and will increase the number of clients at the lodge. Starting today, we will offer a special new package for $2,995 that is a 4-night trip fee + 3,000 shells. That is over 30% off the regular price.

In summary, at FlyWays Argentina we have a plan to keep providing our dear friends an unforgettable dove hunting trip. With the in mind, it is my pleasure to start this newsletter by saying “The trips are better than ever!”

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