The Best of Two Worlds

Today we have another written contribution from somebody at our lodge. We hired Nahuel Gramajo in March 2012 and what a great addition he has been to the Los Chanares team. Nahuel has hosted many of our clients over the past year and the positive reviews have been tremendous. As an example, Rick Leverich from Texas wrote: Trip was wonderful. Your manager of the lodge is a Rock star. Give him a raise! Below is Nahuel’s contribution to our blog:


Hi guys, I’m Nahuel and this is my second season as a Host at Los Chanares and I have been doing that for about 12 years but in a different parts of Cordoba. In case you didn’t know there are two main areas for dove hunting in Cordoba, the North, a hills area where Los Chanares and most of the lodges operate, and the East, a farming area with endless flat fields but also good hunting.


Having had the chance to work in both areas I realized that hunters choose the North of Cordoba for the variety of shooting but hated having to drive 40 minutes to an hour everyday to the fields. So they started going to the East part of Cordoba where the drive times were short, but this part of Cordoba lacked shooting variety since it is all flat fields and fence lines. Basically all of your shoots were exactly the same.


Now, after being at Los Chanares I realize why people keep coming to this lodge year after year We have the Best of Two Worlds!!! The longest drive we have is 10 minutes, and each session is a complete new shooting experience. You can enjoy a unique shoot in the hills and also fantastic field shooting. So once you come here, I guarantee you that you are not going to go anywhere else. Come visit us if you haven’t done yet, and you will experience a trip of a lifetime!

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