Top 10 hunting safety rules when shooting doves in Cordoba

1. Ensure all guns are unloaded before leaving home, the lodge, the field.
2. All autoloaders should be carried with the magazine open when outside of your shooting station.
3. Uncased double guns should always be broken when walking, or anytime when you are not in shooting position.
4. Do not hand loaded shotguns to the bird boys (do not let bird boys shoot!). Many of them know how to shoot, but allowing this introduces another element of risk.
5. Don’t drink too much beer before going shooting in the field. Do it after! (guns and alcohol are not good pals)
6. Always check and adjust gun chokes after a few rounds.
7. Make sure the barrel is not obstructed.
8. Always use ear, eye and shoulder protection. And gloves if not there will be blisters!.
9. Don’t move or walk from blind to blind without telling the guide and the other bird boy.
10. What is the most important safety rule of all? Do not shoot low birds! There is never any excuse for taking a low-angle shot. Shooting low birds at angles less than 45 degrees puts bird boys, other hunters that have accidentally wandered out of position, and farm animals at unnecessary risk.

There are thousands of birds to shoot, millions! Please exercise discipline and good judgment on each and every shot you take.

We hope these suggestions prepare you for your upcoming trip to Cordoba.


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