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General Information

Los Chanares is probably the most well-known lodge in Argentina for UK shooters. The reason is simple. Our lodge was designed as a proper English shoot. There is nowhere in Argentina that focuses on the quality of the shooting. Obviously, clients from the UK enjoy the high volume of shooting. Now what sets Los Chanares apart is the attention to detail with regards to the shooting. UK guns can choose between high birds, low and fast shots or a host of other challenging settings. All of this complemented by a game management program that plants over 400 hectares of sunflower, wheat and sorghum. As an alternative to Los Chanares, Posta del Norte has been attracting groups from the UK as the lodge can be booked with only 6 guns.


  • World-class dove shooting near the famous Macha roost in Cordoba.
  • Incredible food and wine. Special mention for those delicious field lunches.
  • Over-the-top service with lodges run by owners and not managers.
  • Superb accommodations at some of the nicest lodges in Argentina.
  • Unbeatable prices.
  • Game Management Program for the last 14 years.
The standard trip taken by clients from the UK is:
Day 1: Afternoon/evening arrival to Cordoba Airport. Transfer to the lodge (1:15 drive). Night at the lodge.
Day 2: Full day shoot (2 shoots). Night at the lodge.
Day 3: Full day shoot (2 shoots). Night at the lodge.
Day 4: Full day shoot (2 shoots). Night at the lodge.
Day 5: Morning/Afternoon departure to Cordoba Airport for return flight.

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When Should I Come?

We Shoot Year Round.

We shoot year-round in Cordoba. If you have a set month, simply choose the month in the dropdown above and you will get a brief summary of what to expect. If you are flexible, go through the months to learn more about each time of year.

This is the peak of our Summer season. Temperatures will be upper 80s during the day and drops down to mid-60s overnight. It does rain during these months, but usually at night. Even though you will find the hottest temperatures of the year, you will also be shooting in the month that most records are broken. This is as high volume as it gets due to the long days.

This is the beginning of our Fall season. Temperatures will be upper 70s during the day and drops down to mid 50s overnight. It does rain during April, but usually at night. At Posta del Norte you will most likely be driving to the harvest fields with tons of birds. The drives will be about 45 minutes from Posta del Norte.

This is the middle of our Winter season. Temperatures will be mid 60s during the day and drops down to lower 40s overnight. It does not rain in July. Beautiful sunny, crisp days with zero humidity. The birds are back from the harvest in the roosts. They are the most mature and big birds you will find in the year as these birds have survived the harvest season. This will be mainly shooting in the hills. The drives will be short as birds are flying everywhere.

This is our favorite month to shoot in Cordoba. It is the middle of Spring season. Temperatures will be upper 70s during the day and drops down to mid 50s overnight. It hardly ever rains during June. Beautiful sunny, crisp days with zero humidity. The bird shooting is as good as it gets. There is no harvest this time of year so the birds are flying everywhere. You can get any type of shooting you like. The drives will be short.

How do I get There?

Flights information

Over 3 million people live in Cordoba so there are multiple flight options. Select the city below to get an idea of flight options. We work with an incredible travel agent Brigitte Caston ([email protected] or (225) 231-4735). We recommend booking travel with her.

Flying from London to Cordoba is relatively easy. There are direct flights from London to Buenos Aires or Santiago. From these destinations, you have a short connecting flight to Cordoba. The most common route for London clients is British Airways night flight from London to Buenos Aires, overnight and a quick connection to Cordoba. The Low-Cost company Norwegian is starting their direct flight to Buenos Aires from London in February 4 days a week.

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